Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #17 May 17, 2015

It’s the weekend and here is the next snippet from my story, Bewitched. Enjoy?


She looked up and glared at him. Her mind worked furiously on a story but couldn’t come up with anything. Which one had she already told him? Carol couldn’t remember. There were so many that the manipulations were getting mottled in her mind. Sometimes even she couldn’t tell what was true and what was fiction.

“I don’t have it,” was all Carol could come up with.


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Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #16 May 3, 2015

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“Did you bring it?” the raspy voice said from behind.

Carol turned to face the man and studied the slitty eyes peering from behind the ski mask. So the bastard came. His expression was detached, it wasn’t what she wanted to see. He won’t be fooled, not this time. But she needed what he had and would tell him anything to get it.

She glanced down at her sneakers again. God help her, the smudge was still there.

Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #15 April 26, 2015


Bewitched by JK Candlen

Things have been hectic and I missed last Sunday, but I’m back. So as a treat, I’m giving you a double dose of snippets today. Last time Carol was confronted by her inner demons. They are a jovial group reminding Carol her life is not right. She tries to ignore them but they are always there in her peripheral.

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     Carol started to pace, she was tired of waiting. Where was he? A curse slipped over her lips and she was getting madder by the minute. She had better things to do and it was he that needed her. No, that wasn’t right. Carol needed something from him.

    Ring, ring, ring. The bright noise startled Carol, but she chuckled to herself when she realized it was her cell phone.

    Why was she so jumpy? It was probably just Frank. She knew he would be calling her eventually wondering where she was. An icy smile crept onto her face thinking about the lie she would tell him this time. He was so gullible and would believe anything.

     She pulled the phone out of her pocket and looked at it. Iris? Why would she be calling her at this time of night? She ignored the call.

Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #14 April 12, 2015


This is my 12th day in a row that I’ve posted to my blog. A milestone for me. I’m enjoying the ‘Blogging From A to Z Challenge’ and have been keeping up. And because of this, I almost copped out on Weekend Writing Warriors this week. Things have been hectic but I’ve decided not to let my faithful readers down and to keep it going.

So here is the next snippet of my story, ‘Bewitched.’ Last week Carol was still in the woods at night freezing and she had an issue with her dirty shoes. I think the spot is the least of her problems. Read on.

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Cautiously she looked up. The wispy figure hiding behind the tree waved and smiled at her. “Go away!” Carol yelled.

Her demons were visiting more and more often. She had told them countless times she didn’t need or want their company. They usually didn’t listen. Carol closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again. They were gone. Good. But for how long?    




Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #11 April 5, 2015

Last week we left Carol freezing in the woods alone at night. But is she really all by herself? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

I added a few more sentences so the snippet made sense. I hope you don’t mind. And don’t forget to check out my fellow Weekend Writer Warriors. Enjoy!


     Carol spotted movement out of the corner of her eye. Trepidation swallowed her, it was a familiar feeling. She walked into the woods and directed the beam of light to the left. Why are they always there? Carol turned her head away so she didn’t have to see them. 

     The thickets clawed, reaching out for prey. She stopped and fingered the tear in her jeans and cursed under her breath. Carol stamped her feet to bring feeling back into them and frowned when she noticed a smudge of dirt on the tip of the left toe. Dirty shoes were something Carol detested. She bent down to rub the mark off but no matter how hard she rubbed the spot remained.



Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #10 March 28, 2015

Last week we ended the first scene in Chapter 1 with Iris having an odd feeling that her friend Carol was in trouble. Is her second sight playing tricks on her again?

No it’s not. Carol has gotten in a little too deep and thinks her actions won’t have any repercussions. Will she be able to talk herself out of this one? Maybe. Then maybe not. You’ll just have to keep coming back and find out.

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     Carol stopped and listened. Nothing.

     God it was cold. The frigid wind froze her fingers around the flashlight. Too bad her gloves were in her car, she could use them now. Even her jacket gave little protection from the blast of tiny needles bombarding her each time the wind swept through the trees.

     As she stood at the edge of the parking lot she pointed the flashlight left then right to scan the woods. The isolation and stillness of the night was eerie.



Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors #9 March 21, 2015

We are at the end of the first scene in Chapter 1. It’s a tad longer than 8 sentences, but I wanted to wrap this up so we can find out what Carol is up too next week.

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    A cloud of impending disaster swirled around her friend. Iris could feel it every time she saw her.

How much can one person intervene into someone else’s life? So Iris let it drop. There was no way to

force Carol to seek help unless she wanted too.

       “Come on Bev. Let’s go inside. We need to wash our faces.” Iris said as she started to walk

towards the backdoor. Carol kept creeping into her thoughts. The urge to check on her was

overwhelming. She knew her friend was in trouble, but didn’t know what to do.  She will give her a

call. Who cares if it’s one thirty in the morning.

      “I’ll come in for a minute. It’s late and I’ve got to go.” Bev said following Iris into the kitchen.

wash faces