Vicarious Vacations


We like and comment on our friend’s pictures posted on Facebook, retweet and favor them on Twitter. But are we living our lives vicariously through social media?

Some would say yes. And the more and more I think about it, they may be right. The past week I’ve been vacationing in New Orleans with 2 friends. I’ve eaten at the finest restaurants the city has to offer, walked the streets of the garden district and enjoyed the delights of the French Quarter. I am having a wonderful time and I never left my hometown.

But I’m just as guilty of doing the same thing when I’m on vacation. I want my friends to come along with me and enjoy the sites my traveling takes me.

Here are a few pictures of a recent vacation to California when I visited 2 of my brothers. So come along and enjoy the sites.

Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco

Jap tea garden 3

Jap tea garden 2

Jap tea garden 4Jap tea garden


Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Treasure Island, in the San Francisco bay is man made and was built for a World’s Fair. But I don’t see anything artificial about it. On a trip to visit my brothers, I always take in a sight or two. We were driving the streets of the city and came upon this spectacular view. I couldn’t resist.

There is something about San Francisco that pulls me. No matter how many times I visit, I return to the same things. The hills, the smell of coffee, the taste of fog.

Living back east, my world is at a fast pace but when I’m in the city by the bay, time slows. To listen to the fog roll in, you must sit very still. It creeps up the street and wraps around you. And when it leaves, it takes your heart.