Yellow Cat


A knock on the door

Or was it a scratch, listen

I hear a meow.

A cold winter night

Left behind and abandoned

Please let me in, mew.

A ball of yellow

And such a delight to hold

Purrs, love forever.






Unicorns magic

Cloven hoofed, long spiral horn

Beautiful, chaste, pure.


Unicorns prancing

Intemperance, fair maidens

Sleep now, they are near.


Unicorns hunted

Medieval, mystical lore

Run forever free.


Oh Boy, I’m Still Blogging


I’m hanging on to Blogging From A to Z Challenge. It’s been a hectic week so today’s post is a short and sweet haiku dedicated to writing. Oh Boy, I’m stretching now.

Here I am, Oh Boy

Writing with delight, So Coy

Wonder, Desire, Oh Joy


Comic contributed to Charles M. Schultz. Found on




Since April is poetry month, I thought I would try to write one. A few of my friends are also participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, but they are writing poems. So here is to Rosanne and Mary Beth. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jaded by Murder

Iris in search, where is it?

Jammed, Dishonesty


Journey to Killer

Iris in Danger, Look Out!

Jeopardy, Deceit


Justice at Midnight

She Cheers, Truth is Uncovered

Joyful Tobias, Peaceful