Garage Sailing


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Like most people, I love a bargain. Garage sales and thrift stores are the best places to find the odd must have. This week I decided I needed to replenish my yarn stash so on the way to the market, I planned on stopping at a few garage sales. Saturdays are great for this and most times I’m not disappointed.


As I left my driveway, I saw a sign for an estate sale. I hurried inside the small house and noticed a familiar smell. It was a mixture of mustiness and age. There was a feeling a history in the tiny abode. Birthdays, Christmases, and happy times. I walked through the house and there was something else. The loss of family.

It was sad to see strangers paw through a lifetime of things. I looked at the costume jewelry and thought of the person who had worn the pins, necklaces, and earrings. So much sparkle and elegance.

A woman stood in the kitchen and was talking to a friend. She said the house was going on the market next week. The woman was probably the daughter, and her parent must have died recently.

I didn’t buy anything. I don’t know why. There were some yarn and a pair of size 11 knitting needles, but I didn’t feel it. Maybe it was the karma in the house. The person that lived in the house was still here. I could feel her.

With my mind still on the estate sale, I was empty handed after a few stops. Is this what’s going to happen when I die? I kept thinking when I’m gone strangers will be parading in my home rummaging through my things. But I won’t think about it today. Tomorrow is soon enough.


Internet-Free Day

What a spectacular day! After a few weeks of oppressive weather, mid 70’s and low humidity was a welcomed respite. There was even autumn clinging to the breeze’s tips promising pumpkins, apples, and the change of seasons.

I adore days like this. It makes me think of sweaters and fires in the woodstove. So I thought, I need to seize today. My hubby was home, and the writing could wait.

We packed a lunch, put on our swimsuits and went to the state park. I haven’t been to Grafton State ParkGrafton in I don’t know how many years. It’s only 20 minutes from my house and as we drove in, I wondered why we haven’t visited this hidden jewel sooner.

There is a sandy beach for the sunbathers, walking trails, and even a boat launch where you could rent canoes and kayaks. There is little to no cell signal in the park and to tell you the truth, I didn’t even check. It was my husband that mentioned it. Why would someone want to check social media or emails when there was so much beauty surrounding them?

Everyone needs an internet-free day. Reaching out and connecting with nature is almost an ethereal experience. It recharges your soul and uplifts your spirit.

As we sliced the paddles through the water and glided the canoe across the 2 ½ mile lake, inner peace descended. Neither of us spoke as we watched a heron take flight.

After the internet-free day, I was ready to get back to work. The scent of the woods and the sound of twigs snapping under my step will stay with me. Let’s hope it doesn’t take years for me to go back. Maybe I need to buy a kayak.

The Slopey Room

The house I live in is old and was built before closets were fashionable. It’s a challenge to find places to store the vacuum cleaner and Christmas decorations or hang up coats. So the slopey room upstairs (named because of the slant of the ceiling) became the catchall. Boxes of forgotten clothes, furniture we no longer use, and things we just had to have is stored here.

Each time I passed the slopey room, I’d tell myself I need to go through the clutter. Well, this week I bucked up and opened the door. The room was hot and the air stale. Staring at the sea of boxes and a lifetime accumulation of stuff, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in. But after only fifteen minutes, I didn’t think my idea was as brilliant as first thought.

I was about to give up when I stumbled across a box sitting on top of a trunk hidden in the corner. I opened the cardboard flaps and wonderful, fabulous memories stared back at me.



Spiderman @ the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade taken by me at Times Square

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at Times Square. New Orleans. Florida. England. Germany. My brother’s wedding.


The forgotten pictures from years gone by were a pleasant surprise. I’m not someone who takes a lot of pictures. My friends have albums filled with vacations, parties, and special occasions but not me. Print pictures are nice, and unfortunately, it’s a dying practice. With iPhones, Instagram, FaceBook, and other social medias, our memories are digital and saved forever on the web. It’s sad that we are losing a tangible connection to our past.

After spending the day visiting happy times, the slopey room is still cluttered. I really need to get rid of most of the stuff in there but not today. I have a smile on my face and there is always tomorrow.