When and Where to Write


Many writers have rituals for their writing. Some choose to wait for the right time but at least for me, if I waited for the stars to align, I would never put down a word. It can be hard to get the creative juices flowing and I found the best way is to just sit down and start. I may not have anything in mind, but once in front of the keyboard, I tap.

An easier choice is where to write. My favorite spots to spin tales are on the front porch, in the back yard, or sitting in a coffee shop. I love sipping a cup of something hot and people watch. There is so much material out there, like listening to conversations or what people are wearing.

The main character in my story, Bewitched, started to take shape on a trip back from California when I traveled by train. I sat in the observation car where I watched my train mates and came across a woman who was my protagonist. She dressed and acted the way I imagined Iris would.

So next time you find yourself being observed by someone behind a laptop, watch out, you may find yourself in a story where murder and mayhem swirls about.


5 thoughts on “When and Where to Write

  1. I’d love to someday have a back veranda overlooking a beautiful mountain or seashore, so I could write there and have constant inspiration. Right now, I really enjoy writing upstairs at the Colonie Library, at one of the private carrels. I can’t really write at the Guilderland Library anymore, since they took away all the carrels and even the desks in the magazine room.


  2. Is that your porch? It’s gorgeous! I would totally live at that table.

    I try to write nearly every day, whether I’m feeling it or not. Usually, I can get myself in the mood by journaling about the next scene I’m working on until something clicks.

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