N is for Nick


Nick is a secondary character in my story Bewitched. He is a man that relies on himself. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks, he finds there is no easy way to climb out of the hole he grew up in. But he is resourceful and knows when to make a turn in life.

 An Excerpt from Bewitched by JK Candlen

In the butler’s pantry Nick opened a drawer. He lifted the lid of the wooden box and his hands lingered on the sterling silver flatware. Nick knew he could get a couple of hundred dollars for it. He hesitated then shook his head. No, he said to himself, he liked Iris. She was good to his mother when she was alive.

A slow shuffling noise above Nick’s head made him pause. Was someone home? He waited and listened for several moments but silence met his ears. Closing the drawer, he felt something brush against his legs. He looked down and found a calico cat staring up at him, he grinned. Nick picked up Trixie and scratched her behind the ears making her purr.

He knew it wouldn’t be easy to find Carol’s book, even if it was here.  But it had to be found, otherwise they would all be in big trouble. Nick put Trixie down in the dining room before searching the drawers in the sideboard.

Standing in the hallway he stared up the stairs. The noise of boots scraping against the floorboards drifted down. Damn, someone was home. He walked across the hall into the music room and looked around. He had to get out of the house fast but stood still as he listened to the heavy footsteps. It wasn’t Iris he was sure of it, but who?

Nick crossed the room heading to the pocket doors leading to an office. He looked for a place to hide. The color drained from his face when he saw the man in the blue regimental frock coat with sparkling brass buttons standing in the doorway to the hall. What was he? Nick had never seen anything like him before.

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