Intrigue at the “In Between”


Iris didn’t see him coming. One moment nothing was in front of her, then the next, the intoxicated man jumped from between two parked Jeeps. She glared as she watched him rhythmically pound on the hood of her car and chant a woman’s name, Roxanne.

It was a good thing she was driving at a crawl looking for a parking spot in the field of ‘The In Between.’ His yells echoed off the adjacent mountains that guarded the saddle point where the honky-tonk has stood for almost a century.

“You’re a fool, Billy Bob.” Iris muttered under her breath as he stumbled into the bushes. He definitely needed to stay away from the corn soup. The local hooch was the elixir of life, or so some said.

She couldn’t believe Bev wanted to meet here. Ever since Bev and Rick broke up, Bev looked for a diversion on the wild side. Iris was going to try to talk some sense into both of them. Rick was being a jerk and Bev has started to instigate him.

Iris got out of her Nissan Cube and walked to the front of her car to check for damage. She wanted to make sure Billy Bob didn’t dent the hood. The crumbling building with its sagging cinder blocks and peeling white paint came into view as Iris followed the loud music. Nothing has changed since the last time she was here.

How long has it been? Six or seven years? The last time was when she was dating that biker. What was his name? Oh yeah, Hoot Owl. Iris winced at the thought of speeding on the back of his Harley as if the devil was chasing them. Oh God, what was she thinking back then? She wondered what he was doing now.

Iris passed the line of motorcycles parked in front of the building. The stench of stale beer drifted out of the doorway as she looked inside. She crossed over the threshold with the blare of a Led Zeppelin tune welcoming her.


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