Hanging Out in Front of the Beauty Spot



Iris, the female protagonist in my story ‘Bewitched’ is a beautician at the Beauty Spot. She hears all the latest from the gossipy town folk, especially Duncan and Bill. The two men are landmarks on Main Street. They miss nothing and like to stir the pot occasionally.

Snippet from ‘Bewitched’ by JK Candlen

     Alma and Alvaretta Tobias stepped out of the Beauty Spot. The clicks of their high heels against the sidewalk woke up the two codgers dozing on the bench. “Good morning, cuties,” Duncan said with a sleepy grin on his lips. The old man tipped his hat and chuckled as the ladies ignored him, they always did.

After adjusting the diamond necklace around her sagging neck, Alvaretta put her white gloves on. The bits of glass sparkled in the sun sending out a fake luminescence. The faded roses of yesteryear were all appearance, just like in their youth. The dreams they had when they were young still danced in their eyes. They had everything at one time, money, beauty, and a future, everything but sanity.



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