Figments of Aunt Alice


Excerpt from Bewitched by JK Candlen


A loud noise, something like a door slamming drifted outside. Iris didn’t have a clue what could have made that sound. It certainly couldn’t be Trixie, unless she knocked something off the counter. Trixie never listened about staying off them, it was useless to even mention it anymore to her.

Iris got up from her sitting position on the deck and walked into the kitchen. The sight surprised her. “Aunt Alice?”

“Yes dear.” The older woman in the cotton dress said as she leaned over and had her head in a lower cabinet. She was rummaging through the pots and pans.

Iris walked further into the kitchen and almost laughed at the pink fuzzy slippers her aunt was wearing. She had given them to her for Christmas when she was a kid. “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know dear, you tell me. You are the one that conjured me up.” Aunt Alice said looking over the cabinet door.

“By the way, did you move my pressure cookers? I can’t find them.”

“They are in the pantry. Second shelf from the top, on the left side.”





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