The Cinderella Sisters


We have all grown up hearing the fairy tale, Cinderella. But what if she was real and had a sister? Okay, maybe she and her sibling are still fictitious characters and have materialized in my mind but are real on the pages in my story, Bewitched.

Picture it, two ladies in their seventies, clicking their high heels on the sidewalk and going through life with stars in their eyes waiting for Prince Charming. Unfortunately for Alma and Alvaretta Tobias, he never came.

The sisters dress in their finery and ride their coach, or in today’s world a 1959 yellow Cadillac with large fins flanking the rear. Alvaretta has the habit of adjusting her faux diamond necklace around her sagging neck and her sister Alma is fascinated with her lipstick and compact.

The two adorable spinsters are still hoping that ‘He’ will come with that lost glass slipper. Maybe he will. Stranger things have happened.

glass slipper


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