Everyone has a BFF, a ‘best friend forever.’ Or at least should have one. Without a BFF, you don’t have anyone to tell your secrets to. In my story, Bewitched, my main protagonist, Iris, has Bev. She is always up to something and is determined Iris and Ares are the perfect couple. Too bad Iris doesn’t think so.

Bev is a nurse at the hospital and doesn’t have any luck with men even though her looks would say otherwise. The petite woman is barely five feet, slender, graceful, and elegantly beautiful. Her eyes are a piercingly sharp shade of blue with thin eyebrows arching over. The dainty nose and plump lips gives her a fairy-like quality. Spun golden curls frame her face, falling down to her shoulders.

She thinks she is doomed to spend a loveless life and might as well enter a convent. That is until she meets Rick. Bev is so certain Rick is the one, she convinces Iris to conjure up a love potion so he will see the right of things.

But something goes wrong while Iris is brewing the potion. Will it affect the outcome? Maybe and maybe not. Bev is waiting for the other shoe to drop and feels she has no way from stopping it.




7 thoughts on “BFF Bev

  1. Cute story line, I wish I truly had BFF like that, did…but she’s left this world and we didn’t tell each other secrets, she lived in one state and me in another; but when we were together it was like no time had past. I’m adding you to my blog log of a-z visitors to make visiting back and forth easier and to share some linky love.

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