Ares in the Adirondacks

In upstate New York lies a 6.1 million acre park known as the Adirondacks. The mountainous area has over one hundred dome-like peaks, where the tallest is Mount Marcy at a height of 5344 feet. The chain of mountains surrounds small communities like Lake George, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, and of course the fictitious town of Tobias. There are many myths and legends weaved into the fabric of the region like the people who live there.

Ares Stoner, the male protagonist in my story, Bewitched, is a man in transition with life. He finds himself deep in the shadows of the Adirondacks with an empty apartment, a killer on the loose, and a woman circling around inside his head.

He’s not sure where he fits in after leaving the Navy, but as the new police chief the town folk place their bets on him as the Witch of Tobias gives Ares a good run for his money.



3 thoughts on “Ares in the Adirondacks

  1. Hello fellow A to Z Blogger. Ares sounds like an interesting character. I, too, like mysteries. My novel, Murder on Ceres, is a science fiction murder mystery. Visit my blog, thebookwright. I’ll be writing reviews, bits of flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction. I’m looking forward to visiting your blog again.


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