Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors

Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors 

I guess I’m behind in my times and missed last week ‘Weekend Writing Warriors.’ So instead of waiting, here are the next eight sentences for you to savor.



Iris was being truthful. She had spells and potions for many needs and situations but love was something she avoided. Not that she didn’t believe in it, the emotion that effected the heart was just not for her.

“Do you think the potion will still work?” Iris lifted her brows and shoulders in a non-committal shrug at Bev’s question. She doubted the reaction was a good sign. It usually wasn’t. She turned and picked up her book and studied the recipe again.

Spell book


Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors December 21, 2014

I’m back at Weekend Writing Warriors and loving the experience. Last week we left Iris and Bev stirring the pot and it didn’t go well for them. Here are the next eight sentences and what the two friends were up to. Ok there are two extra sentences but I couldn’t leave you hanging for another week. Consider it a Christmas present. Enjoy!


“Iris, do I still have my eyebrows?” Bev asked stepping into the light from the porch. Iris tried not to smile at her comical expression. It made her think of a much beloved cartoon she used to watch on Saturday mornings when she was a kid.

“Yes Bev, they are still there.” Iris said but didn’t want to mention her eyelashes had disappeared.

“What happened?”

“Not sure. I told you I wasn’t good at anything like this. Love potions are not my thing.”



Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors December 14, 2014

Bewitched by JK Candlen – Weekend Writing Warriors December 14, 2014

This is my first time at Weekend Writing WarriorsWhat a great way for writers to meet and readers to find great stories. I have enjoyed the many snippets from WIP and look forward to what happens next. You will fall in love with the many characters as I am doing.

Below are the first eight sentences from Chapter 1 of my 2013 NaNoWriMo and you’ll have to wait till next week to find out what happens to Iris and Bev.


The flash from the small explosion lit up the night, smoke blanketed the back deck. Iris and Bev jumped back but not before getting a good coating of soot on their faces. It probably wasn’t a good idea to be leaning over the copper pot.

“What the….,” Iris said coughing as she covered her face with her hands.

Bev turned her head away from the concoction in the pot bubbling over and took a deep gasping breath. That was close. She ran her fingers over her face to check for damage.